Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Blessed with Boys - Pride -

I am extraordinarily blessed to have several young men in my life who call me "mom/auntie." I know they're on loan to me from their mothers, but honestly, can we ever have too much love in our lives?

Let me tell you about a few:

Micah - What a doll. Kind, considerate, deep thinker, artistic, seeker of goodness.

Craig - Walked the line for awhile, until he could claim his life as his own. Conservative, searching, pondering, creative.

Tyler - Intense. Fun, serious, flamboyant, loves learning, great farm-hand.

Nick - Sweet. Sees the world through a lens. Trustworthy, goofy, committed.

Cortney - Gorgeous. Fighter, adventurer, loving, supportive, amazing, hates stereotypes.

Adam - Beginning. Inquisitive, writer, trail-blazer. Honest.

Chris - Artist. Angry, creator, diligent, searching, giver of light.

Cade - Hilarious. Generous, conversationalist, explorer, great uncle.

Max - Happy. Kind, devoted, family-man.

Notice any similarities? Any differences? Anything that would jump out at you and say, "I am gay, therefore I am not of worth or of value?" No. Not a damn thing.

These are "my" boys, and I will go to fight for them any day, and I know they would/have do/done the same for me.

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