Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Laughter -

One of the best things about my marriage is that Scott and I make each other laugh. Humor plays an important part in our relationship. I mean, newly-weds at 45 and 55 - you know we don't have sexy bodies, and 12 year later we laugh at our bagginess, hairiness, wrinkles, well, I won't go into any further detail! But we love us - complete with body sounds, and we laugh, because the irony is that we think the other is damn sexy - even in our birthday suits.

We laugh at our "woops" and awkwardness, when we think too fast and something other than what we are thinking comes out. I mean - "hitting mitts" for "boxing gloves," and "blablablablaba" when the word I'm looking for isn't there, and these are pretty laugh-worthy - better laughter than anger or frustration.

I'm a klutz, and we laugh at my stumbles, my attempts to throw a ball further than over the fence. For 12 years Scott has been trying to teach me how to spit out gum, seeds, and I'm lousy, and more than once I've swallowed or spit more than gum. We laugh at my antics and at his machismo when his seeds go way over the fence or across the road. We laugh about our differences - religion, politics, and take comfort in knowing differences are good.

It's the little things that make us giggle, and sometimes even snort. A funny scene in a movie, an outfit that doesn't quite go together (all green, in different hues and "is this black or blue"), bluejays scaring robins in the backyard, grandchildren saying and doing the funniest things - or the sweetest things.

We laugh at how we think we so rock, we're so atypical, we so buck the norm, and yet we are the norm. We laugh at sizes, shapes, thoughts, modes, sounds, you name it. We laugh.

And surprises. Ones like this, that I came home to last night. A happy Buddha - Scott knows it will bring me joy, and we laugh at his desire to make me happy and my delight in the gift. If we are caught off-guard, the better the laughter -

Yeah, we love to laugh - not at, but with each other. Life is good.

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