Sunday, August 21, 2016

"Going Home"

This past week Scott and I spent several days in Macks Inn, Island Park, ID. Cliff, Jenna, and family were with us. We had a lovely time.

But what I want to share is - Tommy loves music, and he picks up on so many melodies and lyrics - this family has music playing all the time. Tom really likes Little Einsteins, and one of the constants with these shows is that they play classical songs and meet people from history, including artists, explorers, and musicians.

Tommy was "la la la'ing" to a song one afternoon in Idaho. I recognized the song, and I asked him where he heard it. "Grandma, that is a sad song. Ring is going home. It's a really really sad song, but it's supposed to be happy, but it's sad."

"Going Home" is one of my most favorite pieces of pseudo-American classic music, and one song I'll have at my memorial service. Yo-Yo Ma is one of my favorite musicians; I've seen him live, he is a stellar musician as well as a good man; here's his cello version. Sissell's version is perhaps the most popular version.

And how appropriate of Tom to be sharing this tune, at this time - I have been going home, in many many ways this summer - home to Alabama, home to my family of birth, revisiting my beliefs in an after-home with my Dad's death, home to Rigby - where friends and family from all of my life stopped their days to pay tribute to Dad and to our family, home to Macks Inn, where I find rootedness, and now, settling in my home for the school year. Mostly though - my home is with my husband, and that has been affirmed and reaffirmed, and reaffirmed. "Quiet like, slip away, I am going home."

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