Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Traveling Light -

1. Scott and I have been watching Parenthood on Netflix this past year.

2. When I was going through cancer treatments I would think about every room in my house and what was in each room. When I was feeling well, I would dejunk and rearrange. I know where everything is in my house.

3. My fantasy is to buy a motor home, get a PO box, and travel the US, very very slowly.

So what does this all of to do with the "price of rice in China"? Some days I feel burdened down - with thoughts, family commitments, career commitments, community commitments, he said/she said accusations, biggest baddest man on the totem pole, whiny students who want what I can't or won't give them, and I often blur the line between duty and desire. Whose wishes are the most important - mine or whomever I'm serving? Do I put the oxygen mask on myself first, or do I run run run helping others and then drop, exhausted? And how often is "exhausted" socially acceptable? What is the ratio for caring for others and caring for self? Other care greater-than or less-than Self care?

And it's times like last week and this week (Timpanogos Storytelling Festival) and hosting AirBnB guests, on top of normal commitments, that makes me want to head out, with no obligations, and just roam. And it's times like this when I am really really sad that summer is coming to an end, and I'm militant about stating, "The last day of summer is not until Sept. 21, don't put your winter clothes on yet!" And yet it's pending, and I mourn.

Which is all to say that I get the urge to run away, dejunk even more, and travel light, find a camping spot in the woods and tuck myself away (with running water and flushing toilets). I think I could do it. You?

PS - I love the music on Parenthood. Did you know you can find almost all tunes, here? Awesome!

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