Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Long Ride Home - Musings -

Today Scott's son, Daniel, received a leadership "calling" in his church congregation. We drove to Cedar City and back, to be with him and family during this time. The drive was beautiful - seeing the sun rise in the east, shining on the fields, ready to harvest, was stunning.

Last week we stopped in Lewisville, Idaho, where my dad is buried. We left flowers and drove to Macks Inn.

Tonight I'm missing Dad. He loved the young men in our congregation, he loved my sons, and he would have enjoyed the ride to Cedar to be present when Daniel was "sustained."

I was on Instagram, pulled up this picture, from Jenna's account:

Funny how settings, songs, textures, light, all have ways of bringing moments to life, even after they're gone. 

This photo, and the lyrics she posted with it, make me melancholic. And tonight I'm crying - missing my dad, proud of Daniel, thankful for a safe and beautiful drive, grateful for a loving husband who is a good father and grandpa, and so grateful for experiences that hurt and help me grow. 

Here's to a week of them

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