Thursday, September 29, 2016

Crisis - Not -

Remember this post? Big hour-long meeting today with all the important people, and me. And guess what? There was no reason to be irritated, afraid, scared, unsure, anxious. All was well, and I burnt nearly a month stressing, worrying about the event.

I had two epiphanies though - for which I'm grateful. First - I am one of the important people! I cannot continue to minimize myself and my roles. Second - the worst case scenario is seldom going to happen, and I need to learn that I am living a new life where I can trust those who say they have my back, and I can trust in other's goodness, and in my own goodness and my own credibility. And when I do this, others will as well. Karma.

I am Ronda Walker Weaver - chaplain, writing instructor, folklorist, and beyond -

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