Saturday, September 3, 2016

Timpanogos Storytelling Festival -

Tonight was the last night of a week of beauty up Provo Canyon. The Timpanogos Storytelling Festival has been in my life for more than 15 years, and for most of those years I have been in charge of the music for the festival (a mini-music festival). Sweet Jenna has been on my committee for years, and this year, I was on her committee. A beautiful changing of the guard.

I've never had a "performing" talent. I don't dance, sing, play a musical instrument (well, Christmas music and hymns on the piano), but tonight I realized I do have such a talent. My talent is to assemble a platform for artists to share, to bring artists to audiences, audiences to artists; I'm the backdrop to their beauty.

While I participate every year with the music, I also spend time listening, listening for new, and I continue to learn and be entertained. One of my all-time favorite storytellers is Kevin Kling. I've heard him several times over the years, and his stories either make me laugh or cry. This year was no different.

Another favorite is Bil Lepp. He is hilarious.

And of course, the music. This year Hot House West, and their gypsy jazz kept my toes tapping.

I am grateful for performers and for behind-the-scene'ers. It's pretty beautiful when we all get together. 

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