Friday, October 7, 2016

Melissa Ethridge Quote -

"Once I overcame breast cancer 
I wasn't afraid of anything anymore." 

This statement by Melissa Ethridge mirrors exactly how I feel. I've looked "What's the worst that can happen," in the face, and nope, fear for myself rarely pops into my mind. 

See, there's something that happens when "You have cancer," comes to you. "Ok, now what," and all those dying and death scenarios instantly run through your brain, and right back out, and you begin living rather than existing, because God only knows how many days, hours, minutes you have left. 

The fear of the unknown is worse than the fear of the known, and surgery, chemo, radiation lose their glamour before they even gained it. And amidst the normal, that was, a new normal becomes, and the world around you continues on, so much so that fear cannot exist where living is paramount. 

And now that I can say, "Once I overcame breast cancer," I belong to that group of fearless women, not survivors, but women who own their story, own their experience, own their sorrow, their loss, even their fear, and move on, away from shadows and into light. (Unless it's heights, and then rather than be afraid, I just say, "No way.")

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