Sunday, October 2, 2016

What is the worst thing about cancer?

Oh goodness I dislike the commodification of October and Breast Cancer. Plus - this is the month I began all of my treatments four years ago. So I'm going to work on being grateful, happy, filled with joy, while not minimizing what I went through, nor what many of my clients are going through. Regardless of the color, Cancer Sucks, and it will be happy dance time at my house when there are less invasive, quicker, less expensive ways to catch and cure cancer.

In the meantime - Question 1: What is the worst thing about cancer?
It interrupts life - the good and the bad aspects of life are wiped away once cancer is diagnosed. Life becomes its bare minimum - doing only the necessities, whether visiting, working, playing, sharing. And while that may be good, it's forced upon the person diagnosed, not a choice. The rug is pulled right out from under the patient and their family, and YOU are left with a bare floor, a bare life. And no understanding of where to go from here.

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