Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Safety Pins and Thanks Giving -

I won't wear a safety pin, I won't put a pink ribbon magnet on my car, and my rainbows are actions, not bumper stickers. Yet - I have a love for the "other." In fact, my passion goes beyond text books and degrees and certifications and councils and publications. I like to think I walk this love, every, single, day. And my daily prayers ask my Higher Power to let me be the love, let me look for those whom I can give love, accept, welcome, embrace.

And if this is not enough, well then, so it is. But I will not be swayed by popular media and political arguments and diatribes. I won't get on anyone's band-wagon for the sake of bowing to public pressure. If I can't look at the "other," how on God's green earth can I expect them to look at me? I am the other, just like many of you are others. I haven't always belonged, I haven't always walked the straight and narrow path, I don't always match what's going on around me; I have been the "other" more than once. As much as I've wanted to blend in, I haven't, I can't, and these days - I won't.

All you need is love? Nah - all you need is an open mind and open arms, and just one encounter with someone different than you. That's it. I won't be closing my mind any time soon.

Tonight - this popped across my screen. Seemed to pretty to be true. So I did some research. Although it's posted on multiple "faith" channels, it's the real deal.

Are we not all refugees, fleeing from something, looking for safety, looking for home? And wherever you may find home tonight - May Love Fill You. And to whomever you thank, give thanks. And I - I will give thanks for being different, enough.

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