Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ta Ta Tatas - Good-bye October -

Oh goodness, I'm so happy to see November here. October is always a hard month for me, but this year October and Pink and TaTas have been a huge irritant. I guess this means I'm ready to move forward - or at least that I'm glad the month isn't any longer than it's been.

I received a beautiful silver ribbon (similar to the pink cancer ribbons) with a rose quartz necklace, that I promised I'd wear all of October, and this past week I've felt like I've had an anvil around my neck, and I all but broke my promise to myself, ditching it early.

But I didn't, and I'm grateful for fundraisers and pink trees with survivors names on hearts on the trees, and I'm grateful for yummy chocolates given to women who have mammograms in October, and I'm grateful for billboard reminders.

And I'm grateful that I can move on - with scars fading and health returning and brain capacity pretty much at its max - it's time for November to carry me toward a heart filled with gratitude.

Goodbye Pinktober. 

Hello Movember

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