Thursday, November 3, 2016


There are days when I adore my life and days when my life sucks. On the sucky days I find myself doing some self-destruction, stinkin' thinkin', or just knocking myself down.

And then I remember that I've been through hell, more than once, and back, and I don't want to go there ever again, so why would I start back down that road?

So I think: Am I Hungry, Am I Angry, Am I Lonely, and I Tired, and if so, I take care of those needs. Whether that means food, a nap, a text or call to a friend, or mapping out what my triggers were, why I was triggered, and how I can resolve those triggers - I can pretty soon be moving up instead of down.

This week has been lllloooonnnnggggggg. I've worked at the hospital more than I planned, I've been at UVU way more than I planned, and I've let folks and issues out of my control get under my skin. Then I get anxious, tired, hungry . . . . Got the drift?

But in the long-run, I have to step away from the future of unknowns, stay in the day of knowns, and let the world turn while I'm working on my own world. Life is so much better then.

So it's the weekend, and I'm tired, but I've eaten better, I talked to a couple of friends, I've exercised, and I'm looking forward to some scheduled free-time (oxymoron that this is).

And you?

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