Saturday, April 1, 2017

Being Centered -

I need to remember this, particularly on days like today when I'm tired emotionally, physically, and spiritually: 

When I am temporally centered:
1.     Life is not fair.
2.     I am not sure if I have worth.
3.     I do not have time to get things finished.
4.     I am overwhelmed.
5.     I am not sure my Higher Power cares.
6.     I rely on others to make me feel valued.
7.     My life is not mine.
8.     I do not feel forgiven.
9.     My life spins.
10. I do not feel centered or grounded.

When I am spiritually centered:
1.     I feel close to my Higher Power.
2.     I have great hope.
3.     I receive clarity.
4.     What I do each day is of value.
5.     I have less stress.
6.     I can handle my, and others, mistakes.
7.     My feeling of self-worth increases.
8.     I feel free.
9.     I am able to get things done.
10. I enjoy each day.

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