Monday, April 10, 2017

One Day At A Time -

I'm amazed at how often I have to be reminded to live my life one day at a time, sometimes even one moment at a time. And, I'm amazed at how often this really works. Take for instance -

Wednesday (I had a plan, but I wasn't sure if it would work with the time crunch and the weather - both not in my initial plan.) - Work out at 6:30am. Diversity Council meeting at hospital at 10am. Pick up goodies for grandchildren lunch before work. Council meeting over at 11am. Pick up first set of grandchildren (3, 6) at 11:30. While driving south to get grandchildren, think of a wind-free warm park to play. Pick up second set of grandchildren at 11:45 (10, 8, 6, 3). Trade my car for family van that holds six grandchildren. Drive to Chik-fil-A for lunch. Remember all of grandchildren's orders while they run to the play area. All orders are fine, get correct meals and drinks to each child, sit down to eat. No tears, no spills. See son in drive-thru! Silently congratulate myself that all children are eating and happy. Gather up leftovers, drive to non-windy, but still cold, park, with playground. Play with Dollar Store goodies, placed in old-fashioned wax-paper bags. Biggest Dollar Store hit was the two bags of colored pipe cleaners! Play on play-ground equipment, have KinderEgg treat (from Amsterdam) and juice boxes. Give five-minute warning. Pile back into van. Drive four children home, trade car, keep two children. Drive other two children home. 3pm. Drive two children to gymnastics. Drive to mall to buy two pairs of summer-dressy comfortable shoes. Buy lovely cuppa while shopping. Drive home, 5:30pm. Homemade dinner - yummy Indian curry. Breath, high-five myself. One day at a time worked!

And I'm praying this works for the rest of the month - thank heaven's Scott is retired and can share in some of this and support in other -

Tend 2 grandchildren for 10 days - with 5 pages of tending details.
Work full-time for 2 weeks.
Host work Spring Retreat.
Two sets of Airbnb guests.
Grade research papers.
Host reception/open house for friend who is getting married.
Sweet-16 Birthday party for grand-daughter.
Visiting Teachers.
Folk Art hands-on for students.
Chaplain chapter meeting.
Grade final papers.
Prepare for finals, give finals, submit grades (May 2).

On top of - exercise, eat right, get adequate sleep, and continue to see chiropractor for healing back/butt.

Did I mention we have "another" adventure planned? Nope? That's 'cause I'm living one day at a time!

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