Sunday, April 23, 2017

On Grandparenting -

So we made it through the ten days of tending Tempest and Tom while Cliff and Jenna took on the UK. Gosh - I really wondered how we were going to do this journey. Things I've learned:

1. It's temporary. And when there's a timeline, heroic things can be accomplished.
2. Grandparenting is about creating memories - so we played, teased, tickled, and cleaned up rooms.
3. Routine is important - for the grandchildren and the grandparents. We established a routine - thanks to knowing their routine, and worked that. It worked.
4. There must be a "stay at home" grandparent. I worked, full-time, and Scott was the one at home. He had help from Grandma Annette and Cheranne, and they were the angels who gave Scott a break, and Tommy a change of scenery.
5. Adjust your schedules. I went to work early, while Scott got the kids ready for the day, but I came home early to give Scott a break, fix dinner, and prepare for bedtimes.
6. Lighten up. One night for dinner we had beans and rice, chicken salad, asparagus, and chips and salsa. Oh well.
7. Laugh. The kids were hilarious, even in their down-times, and we laughed with them, and with ourselves. Nothing was so serious that we needed loud voices or tears (including Tommy's puking Easter dinner all over the table - at the restaurant).
8. TV and the iPad are fine, but only temporary. Hugs, cuddles, attention to performances and homework, stories, and bike rides are the best babysitters.
9. Ask the kids questions and allow them to have some control over their situation.
10. There's no place like home - and when Dad and Mom arrived, our bags were packed and ready for the car, because we all needed our own beds.

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