Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Good Health -

Yesterday evening, as I was sitting in the hall at UVU, between classes, I had the oddest thought pass through my mind - in a blip, it came and left, and surprised me.

I was watching the students walk past me - mostly focused on their phones, a couple limping, a couple with orthopedic boots, one student walking clumsily, another with his arm in a sling. And the thought - the micro-second message that came to me was this:

"Boy, I'm grateful for my health." And then the thought was gone.

But as I recollected that moment, I second-thought myself. Crap - I've had cancer, I blew my elbow out, I've had back surgery, and I've had sinus infection and bronchitis, and a fall at Christmas time, and a horrible 2+ week bout of this year's influenza. And that's all within the past 5 years.

So why am I grateful for my health?

It's this - I've been on the other side of healthy. It's not a pretty place to be. I've heard death knock at my door; I even peaked out just to see what death looked like. And yet - I have chosen, yes, it is a choice, to be physically and emotionally healthy.

These past 5 years I've worked so hard to heal - exercise, nutrition, positive mental attitude, service, and moving forward. It's been a tough hard road, and I'm sure my journey is going to need continual work - exercising, eating right are not one-time deals, they are lifestyles. And those 2 items take a lot of work - a lot of diligence and commitment.

So, last night, as I drank my bottled water (cutting down on Diet Pepsi), eating my apple and mixed roasted nuts, resting after an early morning workout, a day at work, and having just taught 2 classes, and still having one more to teach before the night was over, I was feeling quite blessed.

I went to my last class with a heart filled with gratitude. Boy, I'm grateful for my health.

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