Monday, February 19, 2018

One Good Man -

Nearly 14 years - and I love this man more every day. For example -

We had a great snowstorm last night and early this morning. At 5:30am, Scott quietly got out of bed, put his boots and coat and gloves on. He opened the shed door, pulled out the snow shovel (because the snow was too heavy for the snow blower). He shoveled the sidewalks and driveways of five homes - ours, three widows, one elderly couple. It took him two hours. He came in exhausted at 7:38am.
He showered, ate breakfast, and went to his AA meeting early to make coffee (that he no longer drinks), set up the chairs, and make sure everything was in place for their meeting. He came home a little later than usual, having helped two guys who were down.
He rested, then helped me get dinner ready to take to my mother's, where my brother and my son and his family were waiting for dinner.
He played with the five grandchildren, and now, we're home, he's exhausted, but still thinking about who he can help tonight - so he sends kind texts to those he thinks may need a little extra boost.

From the moment I met Scott I was never confused about what he stood for. He's not the best verbal communicator, he's not wealthy, but his actions are his words, and his heart is gold.

I love him; he is my constant. He is my teacher.

Pic by Jennaholmphoto in Instagram

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