Monday, February 26, 2018

14 Years - Another Happy Anniversary -

February 27, 2004
Another year down!

Well, really, another year for the record books with another grand one on the horizon. I'm grateful for Scott. We continue to learn so much about ourselves and about us together. I think this has been a year for growing our intimacy. We're a pretty passionate couple, yet this year I think we've both come to the understanding that it's time to get to know each other - with late night visits, cuddles in bed, a few Netflix binges, and time together - traveling, sitting, eating, working out, listening, talking, laughing, visiting, reading, enjoying each other's company.

Scott's always told me I was his best friend, and he certainly is becoming that for me. We're weird together, have our own language, our own inside jokes, and this type of intimacy is delightful. We're mature lovers, but still young in our love. What a wonderful place to be.

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