Thursday, May 31, 2018

Divorce - and Moving On - (Not Me)

I have a friend who announced this week that he's signing divorce papers. His wife filed in February, and they've had an on and off reconciliation, separation time since.

And he's sad; he's frustrated; he's angry; he's just plain tired - emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, financially.

I hurt for him. Divorce sucks - the process is horrible, but staying in a bad marriage is tragic.

As I've been thinking about him this week I remembered two thoughts (here's a bundle of some good quotes) that got me through the "moving forward" phase of my own divorce.

This one because I needed to remember, and needed to be reminded that even in my toughest times there was sunshine, and that I could get through hard times, and that life is about living, not existing, and that I could be happy - moving forward helped with my happiness. 

I'm not a huge Dr. Seuss fan, but this saying really helped me move forward - there were good times, and if I only focused on the bad times I would never be able to heal. And if I focused on the bad times, I was not sending the best message to my children, who were the biggest blessings I could have ever asked for. So, my marriage was tough, so I lived in anger - a lot, there were moments of happiness, and I had to remember those. 

(and not just for me, but remembering my divorce was "our" divorce, 
and for the best for both of us) -

Dear friend - Life is good; moving forward is hard, yet standing still is terrible, horrible, no good, really bad. You will be fine, and until you recognize this, I'm here, you have a world of friends who will support you as you begin, again. 

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