Saturday, May 26, 2018

Finally - A Day Off -

I have not had a day off work (hospital, teaching, grading) in three months. Holy cow that's a long long time.

Not only that, but I really haven't had a spare moment since Christmas holiday to do anything besides exist. And I know I've been traveling, and I won't whine, but time in my home is a gift.

And Friday was my day off! I painted a wall and touched up paint in other areas of the house (that have been needing touched-up for a long long time), and I sat in the sun and read a book (Gulp), and I visited with my husband, and I "puttered," which in my late father's words meant doing a whole lot of nothing.

Yet - all of this since 9:30 this morning!

This weekend - in between getting some sun and visiting some graves, I think I'll defrost the freezer!

Am I nesting? Maybe just tidying the nest - reclaiming my space!

Life is good.



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