Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This question is for everyone - cynics, doubters, believers, knowers -

Do you believe in angels?
What is "believe"?
What are "angels"?
How do you know?
What does this mean?
Have you believed at one time, now no longer?
Have you doubted, now you believe?
What does it take to believe?
What does it take to doubt?

I'm serious here - e-mail me [], respond in the comments section of the blog, note on Facebook.


  1. I believe in angels! They can watch over you through out your life to help guide you. Maybe a family member who has past on.
    An angel can also be someone you know in this life, our Father In Heaven works through them to do his will in helping others. This angel on earth usually doesn't even know that they were acting as His hands to help.

  2. I ABSOLUTLY 100% believe in angels! I even talk to my angels... on hard days I ask for a few more, and when my friends and family need extra love I send some of my AMAZING angels their way. I never met my Paternal Grandmother in this life but I feel a reverent connection to her. I know she has had a BIG influence in some of my toughest moments.


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