Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Last night, my sweet husband went to KFC for me - the only thing sounding good was their potatoes and gravy (I have not eaten their P&G in 30 years). Made me think of my odd list of cravings this past month.

One day, out of the blue, I was craving a brown rice vege bowl from Rumbi's  - I've never had one, but it sounded good. Jenna ran to Rumbi's, purchased one, I ate half of it. Another day, I craved a whole wheat vege sandwich from Good Earth's restaurant - I haven't eaten there in years, it was delicious.

And, Tom Ka soup from Bangkok Grill - yum. A vege burger from Burger Supreme, good for all but the last 2 bites. Wendy's salad and spicy chicken bites - tasty - even for this vegetarian! Their chocolate Frosty was also good, however the healthy dark chocolate covered almonds I ate the following day didn't settle well.

As I look at this list, I'm reminded of when I was pregnant with Tyler and Jenna - didn't know what I wanted to eat, what I could eat, until the moment my craving hit - then I ate. However I did crave a few things - with Tyler it was ham and cream cheese bagel sandwiches, with Jenna - tuna fish sandwiches and home canned grape juice. I could not gag down milk or white flour when pregnant with Jenna. After she was born I craved, and ate, milk and Pecan Sandies! I've decided pregnancy cravings and cancer cravings are very similar.

Thank heavens a couple of friends have had a handle on my cravings: chicken rice and vege soup, homemade whole wheat bread, watermelon. Delicious.

I wasn't craving, but Mom's fried sweet potatoes and steamed salmon with peeled cucumbers and tomatoes hit the spot. Her chicken noodle soup always settle well. Fresh raspberries are safe - any time. 

Another night it was Little Ceasar's veggie pizza - good, until the heartburn set in. Pizza for lunch also sounded good - but wasn't. Neither was the real sugar throwback Pepsi - bummer. On occasion I'm in the mood for an avocado and tortilla chips for lunch. Bought avocados today, just in case!

Mornings, my typical bowl of multi-grain goji berry cereal with protein powder and blueberries or raspberries and coconut milk or almond yogurt. Satisfying, and so far, no side-effects.

In the afternoons I crave fruit: raspberries, mango, apple, but they hurt my mouth and my stomach. 

So far I've conquered the pukes - but heartburn and nausea are ruling my days. Always an adventure - 

Round 3 of chemo today - whoopee!

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