Monday, November 25, 2013

Gratitude -

Last year this week I was so very sick from chemo. My blood counts were down, which meant I was susceptible to any cough, sneeze, touch germs that came my way. My uncle, Pete, and Scott spent this week entertaining me with their shed building antics, in our backyard. On Thanksgiving day Scott and I stayed home - I don't remember much else of that day. The next day Scott went to work, and I went to the hospital for rehydration.

Life does move on - forward for me. And I am grateful for this blessing. I read this thought early this morning, "Grace Always Win; It may look gloomy. you might feel like your world is slowly caving in. life may feel out of control and critics might be predicting your doom...but let's believe that the best is yet to come. it's not a silly cliche but a promise each of us can hold onto. let's go!!" Brought me to tears - truth does that to me.

Thanksgiving week is always emotional for me. As I make a concerted effort to pause and count my blessings I try to stay in the now - being grateful for the present. Yet this week, beginning with the Grace banner has already turned into one of retrospect. My head cold that started on Saturday also figures into this - I'm grateful for a cold! I'm grateful for knowing that all I have is a cold - and I'm grateful for a body that knows how to heal, how to be healthy. I'm grateful for a warm home, for Mentholatum, for cough drops, for clean drinkable water, for a job I can work from home, for warm yoga pants and fuzzy slippers, for plans that can be changed, for hot drinks, soft tissues.

I'm putting my Grace ring back on for the week - a constant reminder that living in Thanksgiving daily really is the winner.

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