Monday, November 18, 2013

Little Knowns About Me -

OK, I was asked to list 11 little known things about me, on Facebook. I started, then realized I'm better at listing if there's an explanation about those items on the list. So here goes -

1. I have a fear of heights. Mostly it's a really bad fear of falling. This summer Scott and I made a drive through a few of Utah's parks. There were 2 places where I was either in tears or sick to my stomach. My reasoning is this - we are but a twist of the steering wheel, a step back, a slippery spot, and the rest is history. I won't hike Angels Landing in Zion for this reason. It would be so easy to fall . . .

2. I am an introvert. I need quiet time. I can be in a group just fine, but then I need a few hours or a day to detox.

3. I like to push boundaries (calculated risks). Life is about progress - either through experiences or education.

4. I didn't learn to swim until I was 40 - I gave swimming lessons to myself as my birthday present.

5. I like clean. I don't like animal hair, dust balls, finger prints, old mail, clutter, footprints on the floor, hair in the tub.

6. I don't like bouncy foods. I don't care for: eggs, jello, gummy treats, string cheese or cheese curds.

7. I use my cancer as my barometer for doing anything or experiencing anything new. Such as - "Ah heck, I've had cancer, this can't be any worse." This makes dealing with difficult situations (such as sitting for 8 hours of chaplain training on Saturday) much easier to handle. 

8. Life is so good right now that some days I wonder "what's next." 

9. People trust me. I have so many folks who confide in me, often. I keep confidences and respect this gift of trust. I think many of my students think of me as their "aunt/mother," and share with me because of that safety.

10.  I am attracted to older men. Always have been.

11. I am a closet dancer. I love movement, motion. In my next life I will be a Riverdance dancer.

12. And one to grow on - I love making friends. I have friends from all walks of life - rich, poor, sassy, calm, religious, atheist, old, young, in, out, intellectual, creative, students, professionals. My friend bucket is always full.

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