Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Alison Krauss -

I have thoroughly enjoyed Alison Krauss' music through the years. I first heard her when we lived in Alabama, in 1990, and her strong clear clean rich voice along with her youth made her a favorite in our home. That Christmas season her magical song and accompanying music video warmed my heart and influenced my perception of Christmas in the South.

Her allegiance to Rounder Records and independent musicians makes me proud to be a fan of her and her fellow Rounder dudes including Dan Tyminski; she was teachable and willing to surround herself with great musicians.

When she recorded tunes for 'O Brother Where Art Thou' in 2000, she had a decade plus of music under her belt, and her maturity was as apparent as her love for traditional music.

I love her album with Robert Plant. And her interaction with him was not the "dirty old man" duo I was expecting - thank heavens. She's maintained her sweetness, genuineness, while also stretching, reaching, and collaborating.

I'm excited for her new album, 'Windy City," and thank heavens NPR hosted a show and preview to this on their site. My favorite - Gentle on my Mind - John Hartford's tune, made popular by Glenn Campbell. Perfect.

Thank God for Rounder and real music.

Jenna had a dear friend who died in a car accident several years ago. Jenna was asked to speak at her funeral. Rather than talking, Jenna played her guitar and sang this song, by Krauss. 

We were able to see Hartford play his tune a few months before he died, in Tennessee. It was truly a top ten musical moments in my life. 

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