Tuesday, February 21, 2017

This Morning Has Been Cancelled -

Oh how I hate people not showing up at appointed times! If you make a commitment, keep it! If you have to cancel, don't wait until 5 minutes after your scheduled time to back out of the appointment. I don't care what your excuse is (well, within reason), don't!

I was always taught, and I've taught my children, your word is gold. If you say you're going to do something do it!

So this morning, I had a 10am appointment with visitors from my church. The appointment was made last week. I rushed through my morning rituals, made two appointments later in the day (ones that are typically morning appts.), and sent Scott on an errand that he doesn't do, so I would be available. The house was clean, laundry folded, and then at 10:07 I received a call. "I'm sorry, * had an emergency, and I'm getting over a cold. We won't be coming to see you." Ya, duh!

The message - God loves us all, we are important to him, and because of this, important to our congregation. Oh, nice, but I don't think my congregation gives a damn.

Time to revise -

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