Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Letter 2017 -

Christmas 2017

Sending greetings from our home to yours. It’s been a great year. We’ve traveled to the Netherlands, Switzerland, the tip top of Italy, and have caught the international travel bug. We’ve spent loads of time in Southern Utah, Idaho, and our own backyard this year. We’ve renewed friendships (Ronda’s HS reunion), strengthened friendships, and made new friends (being Airbnb hosts has broadened our world, as we share our home with folks from Australia to India to China). We’ve learned about the generosity of others, and have had our faith renewed, again and again, in the goodness and beauty of relationships.

Our six children and their spouses and twenty grandchildren continue to amaze us with all of their goodness, and we are so happy to be a part of their lives. As well, Ronda’s mother is the best next-door neighbor we could ask for.

We are blessed to be able to spend our forty + hours a week serving others – Ronda is still teaching at Utah Valley University as well as working as a chaplain at Utah Valley Hospital. Scott spends his days working with the homeless and recovering alcoholics (and gardening and reading and caring for anyone who needs a helping hand).

In all sincerity, we are just two grateful people in love with life, this beautiful world, and each other.

Happy Holidays, Ronda and Scott 

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