Thursday, December 28, 2017

Call Me Klutz - or Serving Others Isn't Always a Blessing -

Last Wednesday afternoon, Scott and I had a couple of neighborhood goodies to deliver. He walked out the door with one, I hurried to catch up with him to give him one more to deliver. As I quickened my step, I caught my toe on the extension cord attached to the outdoor Christmas lights. Scott had plugged the lights in, and the cord was not secured to the cement. So, I tripped, and FFFFFEEEELLLL.

I turned toward my front porch, with its metal railing, and slammed my face into the top rail. I had my glasses on, and they were knocked off. I caught myself with my hand, turned, hit my arm, and landed on the ground - but I didn't slam onto the ground, rather just slumped down.

I knew for sure I'd popped my eyebrow, so I covered my eye with my hand, "got a grip," walked into the kitchen, grabbed an ice pack, and fell onto the bed.

I could feel my forehead swelling, and thankfully, there was no break in my skin, just a small puncture - but no blood.

By the next morning I was full-blown swollen, and my headache and nose-ache hit with full force.

My "black eye" has been every shade of pink, purple, blue, black, and now some added green and yellow. It looks like I took a pretty tough punch to the eye socket. Interestingly, I don't hurt where it appears I should hurt! (I've never had a black eye. A first for everything. I love experiences!)

My external wound is healing, but my headaches and forehead and nose ache have continued. But I was able to take it pretty easy through the holidays - not even driving until today! I've slept, been cautious, and just tried to rest.

Yesterday was my first day back at work, and the doctor I work with about had a fit that I hadn't seen a doctor, had an x-ray, MRI, CT scan. Last night at the Walker family party, my brother similarly "fitted."

Early this morning my brother called me, urging me to see a doctor, so I did.

I have a "displaced fracture of the medial aspect of the anterior left maxillary sinus wall (ethmoid sinus fracture) and a mild concussion. Nothing that 4-6 weeks won't heal.

As Jenna said when I fell, "This is an old lady thing."
Scott - "You sure have odd medical issues."
And my brother, "You're one tough cookie. Now you know . . . you did hit hard."

Yet Jenna summed this up well a few minutes ago with her, "Go hard or go home!"

Happy Christmas Break!

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