Tuesday, December 5, 2017

On My Mind -

Facebook - Sucks! I log in to see who is having a birthday, wish them a Happy Birthday, then off. If I take the time to scroll through any posts, I typically find myself sucked in to nonsense! I miss the days of personal postings rather than reposts of videos. Yeah - thumbs down.

December Colds - I can't make it through the month without a cold, haven't been since I began teaching at UVU sixteen years ago. It just happens. This year it hit last Thursday, and I caught it, and I stopped and slept and medicated. I think I'll be better in a couple more days.

UVU - I love teaching! And I have my grades up to date, which is always a concern right now, and I'm ready to grade my last batch of papers. Having a new textbook this semester has been tough, and I'm still not comfortable with it, but the lessons and assignments have been going fine, I'll adjust.

Insurance - Sucks! I have to teach an extra class every semester just to pay for my premiums. It's going up tremendously come 2018. Good grief - the working poor.

Being Married - I am totally in love with my husband, right now! He makes me laugh, we joke, we have a history, we tease, we help each other, and we are just relaxed with each other. We are in a really good spot - having learned how to negotiate and when to give space and when to come together. Nearly fourteen years of "dancing lessons," and I think we've got it. Fingers crossed.

Chaplaining - I adore being a chaplain. The combination of chaplaincy and folklore is perfect for me. I appreciate working with those who are facing death - being forced to face this is scary and beautiful, and a fundamental aspect of all our lives. I faced it five years ago. Empathy goes a long ways. 

Christmas - Gifts are purchased or made, some delivered, wrapping to be done. I even took the time to write a Christmas letter! Hopefully it will go out in the next ten days. My goal is always to be as close to being finished with the business by Dec. 1 as possible. Then I can tackle finals and relax - with kids, grandkids, Scott, friends. Going for that again this year.

Gifting - Scott and I don't typically buy "Christmas" gifts for each other. We don't need anything, want any thing, and time sitting in front of the fireplace rather than online or shopping, is my idea of time well-spent - a great gift.

Anxiety - Along with my cold these past few days I've had some anxiety. Cancer seemed to really bring it on, and every once and a while I get some palpitations, some sweats, a headache, feel like the walls are closing in, and my mind doesn't stop racing. It's hard for me to stop, even when I stop and address my triggers. This week it's been the post-Thanksgiving rush, the pre-Christmas and pre-finals pressure. God grant me the serenity -

Happiness - Life is what we make it. And today I'm choosing to be happy, and fit, and mostly healthy.

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