Monday, January 22, 2018

The Greatest Showman - Freaks -

There have been times in my life when I've felt "different," yet never a time in my life I've felt like a "freak," until . . . yeah, Cancer. And I felt this way - in my own soul, as well as getting that feeling from others.

These days I feel pretty darn normal, except . . . Yeah, in some situations I'm still the freak, or abnormal, or wrong, or contagious, or just someone others can feel sorry for.

So I guess it's time for me to surrender to win and wave that freak flag? Or to fight those oppressors off - but then isn't that also waving the same flag, just in a different direction?

I'm not someone to be pitied. Yet I'm not anyone's warrior, hero, survivor.

I'm just Ronda, an introvert who happened to have cancer. And if that makes me a freak . . . I'm speechless.

Anyone else?

I took some of my grandchildren to "The Greatest Showman" this weekend. My second time, and every bit as amazing. While there were several parts of the movie rang true to me, the "This is me," theme was so prevalent. And after a week of Diversity at the hospital, the idea of accepting others differences - diversity, resonated.

So, and for another time - let's just accept, not pity, not parade, not place on a pedestal or hide under a basket, differences. Freak or not, we all have souls, and we all want to be accepted - just get to know each other, celebrate.

Including me. Welcome to the circus.

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