Friday, December 21, 2012

New Beginnings

So, doesn't look like the world is coming to an end, today. However, seasonal changes, the Solstices, do give us a chance to end one chapter of our lives and begin another. I do believe that we all have the opportunity to have numerous endings and beginnings in our lives.

From my friend this morning, "This is a week rich in deep and unexpected changes. Some beginnings, but more endings. It brings sadness and a curiosity about the future. The answer to getting through it seems to be steeping in it fully, and feeling every single thing. That takes the fear away."

Yes, life brings us unexpected changes - it brings us questions, and we can find the answers, if we are curious enough to search.  

Photos of my Henna art and artist; thank you, sweet Malissa, for steeping with me -  


  1. I love it Ronda. Melissa is the girl who gave Cassidy (my daughter) her tattoo, which is so beautiful. I love the look you went with and think your way is the least painful way, right? My daughter, after experiencing a sick mother for so long, losing a very close grandmother, and being faced with the reality that her 4-yr-old nephew may or might not make it through his planned open heart surgery. The tattoo she came up with was a dandelion with most of it's seeds blowing off of it with the words written under it that says... And so it goes... She had Melissa put it right beneath her breast so it's not seen by many, but I love the thought behind it and what it represents to her. I think you and I should come up with a cool friendship tat, just a small something that is memorable and meaningful to you and me. I don't know about you, but I'm totally game. I love you sweet lady, and I'm learning so much about you throughout your blog and I appreciate the strength you have. The concert in your honor speaks volumes as to the love the people have for you. If you have some free time and feel like you'd like to chat with an old but friend for life sometime, feel free to give me a call, I'd love to make some time to meet you for a yummy chai tea or something hot to drink. The company is what I would really love more than anything. Love to you, always and forever! xxoxoxoo

  2. hello Ronda this is toma idk if you remember but i took your class im glad to see your still going down to body and souls and having fun there with your exploration into a sub culture of art it inspires me and gives me hope for the future seeing this. i just wanted to say thank you and that your class helped me in many ways and opened my eyes up to a new perception of life as well as an appreciation for it thanks again ill come visit this spring


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