Monday, December 3, 2012

The Errand of Angels Intro

My daughter, Jenna, asked me to present a sermon/lesson to her ward/congregation's women's group last Thursday evening. We decided the theme would be: "The Errand of Angels: Bringing Tidings of Comfort and Joy," pulling from an LDS hymn and a perennial Christmas favorite.

This is my tribute to the angels who have blessed my life this past year as well as the lessons I've learned about angels. This is also my disclaimer - I have had so many beautiful experiences the past year that I cannot begin to name everyone who has reached out and touched my heart and hands. So if you're not mentioned by name, you are included - in all sincerity I have been exquisitely blessed by your service.

I'll be dividing this up into 4 sections this week - as this week's posts. Please, please don't copy, but feel free to share the blog.

Here's the picture I'll be referencing.

And here is a short interview with Brian Kershisnik as he talks about this painting.

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