Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mirror Mirror -

I told it to Scott this way -

You've been blonde all your life, and your hair darkens with gray as you age. Then one day, on a dare, you shave your head. You shave your head during the coldest months of the year, yet come spring, you want hair - the work is no longer worth the reward, so you quit shaving and your hair begins to grow back in. But - it grows in bright red and the texture has totally changed. Wow! You look in the mirror and smile, laugh, and wonder what it will look like longer. And the longer it gets the more you look in the mirror, and rather than smiling now, you're just slightly disappointed, and you long for either the bald head or the hair you had prior to the shaving.

So one day, you've had enough. You visit a hair specialist who works with people in your situation. She gives you hope and color and form. As you walk from the rinsing sink, to the cutting chair, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. You recognize this person - almost like he/she's risen from the dead. And then you realize it's you, and you cry tears of joy, finding the person you thought was gone for good.

Yup, did it, today. Happy dances all around. First world problem, but nonetheless, solved.

Cast off, arm bending; no boot, back walking; hair cut and colored, needs straightening; 
off to Philadelphia for a seminar this weekendy'ing.

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