Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oct. 23 - On Being Good -

On Being Good, and Being Remembered - 

I am an impatient person - although I have patience. I am not necessarily one to wait for something to happen, rather, I prefer making the something happen. And I'm OK with that, mostly. However, sometimes in my rush to making things happen, I stumble, trip, fall flat on my face, offend - hence, I need to be patient, be still. I am learning. And Cancer has taught me how to wait -

With that all said, my deepest desires are just to be a good person. In my morning meditations, I read this scripture from Acts 10:38 - "[He] went about being good." That's what I want to be said about me now and when I'm gone. Perhaps I can be worthy of this as an inscription on the wooden vase holding my ashes. In the meantime, can my daily actions, and in-actions for that matter, be a shining example of this? I hope so.

On my office wall I have the following thoughts:
"I will not let individuals or circumstances affect my behavior."
"Seek first to understand rather than to be understood." St. Francis of Assisi
"Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith." Margaret Shepherd

These are daily reminders to me that I must be about doing good, patiently. What about you? Quotes, motivational sayings, thoughts, scriptures - what keeps you centered, and - what do you want inscribed on your urn or headstone?

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