Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oct. 31 - Nothing Too Scary

Being a part of the Living Beyond Breast Cancer has been very healing. Helping others - that's what I do best, whether as a mother, grandmother, friend, teacher, or confidante. They have posted another of my writings on their blog; this time about anniversaries. If you choose to read, please look at the comments as well. You've heard my story many times, but to read what others share is touching. I hope, in some way, what I have to say will help others. That is my goal.

Speaking of reaching out - Scott and I will begin volunteering as Spiritual Care Volunteers at the Intermountain Healthcare hospitals in January. I am excited to be back in that role - rather be the caregiver than the care-recipient! And my position as a recipient will help me be a more compassionate giver.

Happy Haunting - Boo Ya! And thank God Pinktober is almost over!

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