Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oct. 24 - one more post about HAIR!

A year ago this week I began losing my hair. My scalp began hurting, as well as other hair-baring places on my body, and slowly I began to find body hair in the shower, then head hair. I got onto a forum for women with breast cancer (MyBCTeam), and I asked about this pain. The answer was this was the beginning of hair follicles dying. One of the ways to ease this pain was to shave my head, now. This would also lessen the amount of hair I would be picking up from the places I laid my head.

I know I've posted about my hair multiple times, but if a woman's hair is her crown, then losing her hair is a dunce cap. Or better yet, losing one's hair is a sign of disease, illness, cancer.

I haven't posted these pictures before, so I will. I'm also posting this video, to show the metamorphosis of removing hair (I'm not a fan of the battle terminology, but the video is striking). As I watched this video, I remember the pain, the ache, the finality of this act.

However - life does go on! My hair is back, and there are times when I think, "If I was 25 and 125 pounds, I just might have shaved my head."

Barb was 28 years old when diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011.

My haircut process - 

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