Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oct. 8 - Adventure

It is said that women who survive cancer, any type, have a bigger zeal and zest for life than they did pre-cancer.

I know lately, when I've been faced with difficult things, including recovering from my broken elbow and losing 30 pounds of chemo weight, I think, "I've had breast cancer, this is just a little thing." And then, it does become little, and I do the "tough" little thing.

This article talks about women who've had cancer and who have moved forward doing more, bigger, better than before. This website tells how one woman took her experiences and changed them in a way to benefit others.

I've been trying to think about how I want to change the world. I've come up with these things:
1. Be a better person
2. Hug more people more often
3. Don't be afraid to share my cancer story, my divorce story, my life story
4. Take time to meditate on peace, daily
5. Teach
6. Chaplain
7. Say "I love you," rather than "love you."

And what about those risks?
1. Find "contentment"
2. Watch movies with Scott (he sat by me for many many hours, I can sit by him for a few)
3. Love more
4. Do service for others in a foreign country
5. Find employment (continue with employment) that allows me to do the above, without money being the driving focus
6. Eat some meat (tough for a 20 year vegetarian)
7. Not have a faith crisis

There's more, I know there is, to life, than staying hunkered down under a warm blanket (I did that for 6 months, it's not pretty). I want to reach out, with both hands to others, reach inside with both hands to myself, I want to die living.

What risks are you taking? What risks would you suggest I take?
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