Wednesday, October 24, 2012


For the past 4 days my scalp has felt like it did when I was 16 years old - wet-hair pulled back into a tight tight bun, and upon releasing that bun - finding out my hair was still damp and my scalp aching!
I've been afraid to scratch my head, run my fingers through my hair, mess my hair so it's not so flat.
And then it started falling out, just a few hairs at a time, but the reality is I'm losing my hair! Who would have thought, certainly not me, this would ever happen?
I'm not necessarily dedicated to my hair. I've worn it long, short, up, down, curly, straight - it's been an experiment to me, one that shows my moods, the seasons of my life. A friend once told me, "My hair is the one thing God gave me I can change, so I do."
I've always been blonde, didn't even put any color on it until I was 43 years old, just relied on the summer sun, and an occasional spritz of lemon juice, to keep it bright. I now color it twice a year, before school starts and again in January. I like my natural blonde look, matches my light eyebrows, matches me. In fact, if I had to choose hair color or hair length, I'll take color.
Now - no choice. No hair, no color.

I've never been much of a head cover person. I don't look good in baseball caps, beanies, knitted head-coverings. A pair of sunglasses and the sun to brighten my hair, that's it. In the cold, well, I just stay inside!

I'm also pretty much a what-you-see-is-what-you-get person. I know, no one out there is smacking their heads in disbelief at this statement! But - do I spend the next 6 months with a wig, in hats and scarves, or au naturale?

It came off yesterday with the help of Scott, Jenna, and Tempest. I'd look hot if I was in my 20s and angry! 

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