Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I work with an amazing group of people. My boss, Marvin Loflin, and I have been working together for almost 8 years. He hired me to be his part-time assistant in 2005. I had applied for this job, had a 15 minute interview scheduled, and when I left our hour long visit, I felt sorry for the woman waiting outside his office for the next appointment.

We particularly united over one point - Bert Wilson, an amazing folklorist, who also had been one of Marv's LDS mission companions in Finland, they'd gone to Indiana together for their PhDs, and had just recently lost touch with each other. It was fun making that connection. 

Marv called Bert Wilson, who had spoken highly of me, and I was hired. Such began our relationship. Scott and I have had the pleasure of being in Marv and JoJean's home many times, we have spent time at their homes in Alaska, and we have been through much over the years, together.

Marv has faith in me. Marv pushes me to reach further, do more, learn. Marv's favorite word is "competent." His favorite questions are, "How do you know?" "What does it mean?" He has taught me many lessons - think first, press send the next morning. Wait it out. Listen. Trust yourself, trust me trusting you.

Marv has had this dream for years - a dream to bring higher education to Hispanic speakers who often don't have the means or ability to reach out on their own, so we develop courses for non-native English speakers, all online. Marv came from a humble background, and his self-made attitude has allowed him the means to reach out to others, and he does.

Marv assembled a group of thinkers and doers, those folks he'd worked with in the past, who he also deemed competent. Folks he'd worked with when he became an innovator as an educator in the mid '90s, being one of the first administrators at a university to offer online education. So now there are 5 of us on this small executive team. He works us hard, holds us responsible, and pushes us to succeed.

We're meeting this week, our bi-monthly face-2-face. I enjoy these meetings. We all work via computer, from satellite offices, or home, so it's nice to see each other. We are blunt, honest, brutal, innovative, thinking, compromising, and willing. We take away assignments and deadlines, and produce. I'll be in those meetings the rest of the week (via computer since I'm grounded, that's another post). Recharging my batteries, thinking, and thanking.

For a peak, go to: and My life!

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