Thursday, October 11, 2012

First Treatment

Not as bad as I was expecting, but I certainly didn't know what to expect! Nurses kind, doctor visited, Scott patiently sat by my side and read. They said I will be sick and tired starting on Friday - so we'll see. I'm supposed to track all symptoms, including energy levels - now more thinking about myself - crap. 

I have a killer headache, started last night, and when I went in for my Neulasta injection this morning (which is to boost white blood cell counts and make my bones and joints ache like crazy), they said the headache could be from the 2 types of chemo, and only should last 48 hours! 

The good news is veggies are OK - raw! They need to be rinsed, and I should stay away from them on days 7-10, which are the lowest days for white blood cells. I was so worried about this - I've been a vegetarian for 20 years, and I could not wrap my mind around eating only cooked vegetables, or peeled. The thoughts of opening a can of fruit cocktail make me sick.

The other news is that I need to be hyper-cautious about visitors, grandchildren on days 7-10, and no animals - at all. The nurses said to use lots of hand sanitizer (hanitizer to our family -thanks Tyli), invite everyone who drops by to pick up a Lysol wipe and do some house cleaning, or stand on the porch for a quick visit.  

I was brave (hell, I should have no fears and no shame now) and had Scott take a photo - 

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  1. The kids and I are coming your way this weekend for a dance convention Kennedy has in Midway. We were going to stop by and surprise you both on Saturday but... it sounds like maybe we should just drive by and blow kisses. I understand the germ thing! Please know you are loved!


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