Monday, February 18, 2013

Commodification - Word of the Day

Did you know there's a color associated with almost every type of cancer? The website, not only clearly shows these colors, but they also sell goods associated with these colors/cancers.

Commodification is a term that means taking something not necessarily bought, sold, or traded, and turns it into a good that can be marketable or a commodity. Such as cancer. The marketing angle is this, "We will donate a percentage of your purchase to [slip in any type of cancer] research." And so we do, because we want to show our loved ones that we are against that type of cancer and for our loved one who happens to have that cancer. However, with commodifying something that isn't for purchase (you can't buy cancer), the real story is left out - the human story, the human struggle, the human support. I appreciate folks who have bought me pink ribbon earrings, pink ribbon shirts, pink ribbon bracelets and the fact that they are donating to breast cancer research. Even more though, I appreciate those who don't see my cancer as a product, but see me - who support breast cancer by getting mammograms, by donating blood, by going gray with me [I'd rather have my sisters/friends go gray than bald].

Not all we do or have in life needs to be associated with a dollar figure or a marketing angle. Life is not about commodities, it's about relationships. Cancer may be a commodity for some organizations, but for me, cancer is life and death and life again - and that cannot be bought or sold. I'm choosing hope, not buying it. 

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