Monday, March 4, 2013

A Job I Hate -

Have you ever had a job you just hated, and you so looked forward to Fridays, 5pm, so you could enjoy your weekend, and then come Sunday evening you felt so down and depressed because come Monday, you were right back in the "old grist mill" doing something you hated, but you had to do? Well, that's me.

I love my Monday through Friday 9-5 paying job. It's not that I'm complaining about. I hate my Monday through Friday dawn to dusk cancer job. Sunday nights are so depressing because I know come Monday I have to go back to working cancer. I can be a little bit me on the weekends; I can forget about cancer, chemo/radiation, socialize, get a little tired, nap, not talk about me, but come Sunday, 7pm, invariably, the depression alarm goes off, and I realize that I still have tons and tons of work to "get better." And it's not easy, and it's always on my schedule.

Damn you, cancer, for screwing with my days. The weekend pit stop is over, and today, Monday, the long stretch of driving begins, again. 

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