Monday, March 18, 2013

Hair Today -

I have eyebrows, nasal hairs, hair on my arms and other parts of my body, and I've shaved my legs, still missing in a couple of other places, including eyelashes, but for the most part - it's growing back.

I've learned to appreciate body hair - it keeps us warm, protects us from some injuries, keeps water and soap out of our eyes, is used as part of a facial expression, identifies us as male or female, and gives us something to do in our spare time - tweeze, shave, blow dry, cut, color, wax, play with.

The hair on my head is pretty awesome. I laugh when I look in the mirror. I've gone from blonde, to bald, to white in 6 months, and while I was going to say it didn't cost me a thing, it did - almost my life, a transformation, and thousands of dollars, although one friend said, "People pay good money to have their hair look like yours." I've had lots of looks these past few months - bald, hats, and now this cut. At a restaurant on Wednesday a young lady said to me, "Your hair is awesome. I'm going to have hair like that in a month." I replied, "Oh, are you having chemo?" She blushed and replied, "I'm sorry. I'm shaving my head as soon as the weather warms up. I love how it's so manageable." And she ended with, "It really looks awesome on you. You should keep it that way." I've had people comment on how bold, sassy, "in," classy I look, with more than one person saying, "Your hair really matches your personality." Ha!

I'm 1/3 the way through radiation, and my body is coming back while still undergoing a major assault. I find it quite interesting to see the 2 happening simultaneously. Our bodies are amazing.

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