Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wabi Sabi -

Colen Sweeten, Jr., a cowboy poet and dear friend, had on his business card, "You can still drink from a chipped cup." He passed away a few years ago; I wonder what he would have to say about the Wabi Sabi principle - seems he understood the phrase without knowing the term. 

Wabi Sabi means this - find beauty in the imperfections. Appreciate the simple, the pared-down basics. Find joy in the every day. Use what you have, need less, love more. Look for faults, you'll find them, look for beauty in those faults, and you will find more.

I haven't been out much in the past 6 months. I've been forced (awkward as that sounds) to find my joy in my simple surroundings (which includes admiring the paint job on my bedroom walls and watching the sun's rays migrate across the bed). My needs have been basic, my wants have been merely staying alive and healing, and my reliance on others has been for survival. 

Yesterday my internet went down - and it was finally fixed at 4:30 today. I've been a little stressed, my work requires my being on the computer several hours a day. I was irritated, angry, and then I paused (this routine happened more than once) - I saw this as time to clean up my 2012 files, sift through 2000 e-mails, do some work that required concentration and time away from my computer.
I like my simple uncomplicated way of life (and it can be pared down to basics, if I want). I want! I want to hold on to Wabi Sabi.

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