Friday, March 8, 2013


A good week, a very good week. I've started venturing out into the wild - working on doing one thing a day outside of my exercise, cancer, work, nap, sleep routine of the past 6 months.
  • I've been to lunch with a couple of friends. 
  • I went to a cancer support group. 
  • I shared with some folks beginning cancer treatment and laughed and smiled with some folks on the healing side of cancer treatment. I'm learning about my story by verbalizing my story.
  • I haven't worn a hat all week, and today when I put one on, I quickly removed it - I think it's a trigger right now - makes me look like I have cancer. I'm going to wear my S&P proudly.
  • I shaved my legs! First time in 6 months - not sure if that's a blessing, but at least this shows my body is healing. 
  • I chaplained a little - good feeling to get out of myself and serve others. 
  • I had a pedicure and a manicure. 
  • I made arrangements to visit SoCal in a few weeks.
  • I made a few mistakes, like trying on swimming suits - miserable idea, horrible results. But I did it! I bought a dress - quickly returned it. I tried to mall shop - didn't make it out of the car, I have eaten too many sweets.
  • I'm thinking about tomorrow, not just about the next hour.
  • I'm living in today - nice to have a present and a future.
These are all things that I didn't even have the energy to add to a regular day even a week ago. I don't want to stay holed-up, and I don't want to complicate my new life, but doing, along with the being, is feeling good.

Here's to a happy Friday and feelin' good weekend -

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