Saturday, May 4, 2013


I have mentioned the games I play in my mind when I'm stressed or can't sleep. Last night I played the "ABC's of Gratitude."

A -Asparagus. A sure sign of spring.
B - Breasts! Goodness my left boob has had more than its share of trauma, and it is still alive!
C - Cancer. I'll be writing about this for years to come, but for now, yes, I am grateful for cancer.
D -Death - it is in dying that we find birth (or at least that's been the case for me).
E - Empathy. I have developed friendships with folks who have been where I am. I am grateful for their experiences.
F - Friends, Family. 'Nuff said.
G - Green. The color, the scent. Green is the color of Hope.
H - Hope.
I - IV Therapy. Got another tank full yesterday (in my arm - hurt like a mutha).
J -Jokes. I love laughing - at myself even.
K - Karma. What goes around comes around. I've seen this in action, I believe in this concept.
L - LearningU. My work has given me the opportunity to be engaged, even on the yucky days. This company has been such a great support.
M - Medical Staff. I'll write more, but I have had the best care. Kind kind kind people.
N - Naps!
O - Optimism. I'm a realist, yet I've learned if I look for the good, I can find it. 
P - Paint! The smell, the color, the cover. Fresh, refreshing.
Q - Quiet. I cannot get enough of this non-sound.
R - Running. Last August I was just beginning to run. This May, I hope to begin, again.
S - Sun. Please, please, more sun!
T - Travel. So blessed to have the health to begin beating the blue roads.

U - United.
V - Victorious!
W - Walker - yup, through and through.
X - X-ray. Hmmm, haven't heard back on my EKG. Better follow-up.
Y - Yawns. Seems like that's what I do most afternoons and evenings. A sign to breath a little deeper.
Z - Zzzzzz. Hopefully I'm asleep before I hit here, please!

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