Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Man (TTFN FB)

Scott is bumpity-bump years old today. Happy Birthday to him.

Scott is not a fan of today's technology.
  • He hates his cellphone; it really is a piece of junk, but he's afraid to get a new one, he wants only to take calls, nothing more. 
  • We have Netflix, a TV, a DVD/VCR play, a Roku box. If any of these have "issues," he hollers at me, although I seldom watch TV, I can usually figure out the issue.
  • He forgets our e-mail address, sometimes confusing it with a web address, and he seldom checks his own account. 
  • He doesn't like sending or receiving e-mails, texts. He'd rather chat in person.
  • He'd rather use the phone book to look up a number, although I can find the same thing in seconds, compared to his minutes of hunting and frustration. 
  • He has a hard time with me being on the computer when we could be "watching TV" or other, together. I've told him the computer and music are to me what TV and Netflix are to him. 
  • He does electronic billing, but if he has a question, he has no idea how to find an answer. Unless it's hollering for my help. Or better, swearing at the computer!
  • He doesn't understand much about online education, online chat, Facebook, Travelocity, etc., and he really doesn't care to learn. 
  • But - he likes his Kindle, finally. 
So, I'm going to give Scott the best gift he never asked for. I'm taking a month's break from Facebook. Facebook has been my social world for the past 8 months, but with good weather and better health, I'm branching out, reaching out. I'll keep blogging, but I'm saying "Adios" to FB until June 1. Ya'll have to keep me honest now, so if you need to get in touch with me, e-mail me:, or call me.

And - if you want to wish Scott HBD, send him a text! He probably won't respond though! 

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  1. I love this man! He is handsome,kind,and genuine. I do understand somewhat the dislike of technology. Face to face is much better if possible.
    Luv you Dad! Happy Birthday!
    Great post Ronda :O)


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