Monday, May 13, 2013

Zion -

Respite time in Southern Utah - amazing. We spent 2 days in Capitol Reef, 1 day in Bryce, and 6 days in Zion (not Zions). We love, love, love Zion Canyon and the tiny town of Springdale. We travel to Zion and Springdale whenever we need a break, time-off, a rest. We've been visiting the area for 6 years, probably 4 times a year. We stay at the same place, we call it our second home.

Zion is the Hebrew term for respite and sanctuary. Scott and I can rest, ride bikes, hike trails, and clear our minds when we're in this area. We have never grown tired of this place, finding something new to do every time we enter this space.

The Mormons take on this classic Christian tune, is, "Zion stands by hills surrounded. . . . Zion, zion, lovely zion." This rings true to us, every time we go. Zion - fills our souls, and we both have needed this respite, this sanctuary. In fact, don't we all need a place, a physical place that feeds our intangible soul? Do you have such a place?


Visiting with Autumn and Daniel and family.

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