Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Post-treatment Fears and Hope

My chest is sore - it's back.
I've gained weight - I'm never going to heal.
I'm always tired - will I ever regain energy.
I'm teary - is this emotions or cancer?
Hotflashes - hormones must be working, but what can I take/do?
Waiting -
Anniversaries -
Loved ones, friends, acquaintances diagnosed with cancer -
My body aches - do I need hydration? How do I know what I need?
I have to visit the oncologist and my heart rate goes up -
I'm having a tough time concentrating -

What are the long-term effects of my treatment -
I will always need to be insured - financial responsibilities

Easily fatigued - naps, night-time sleep

Short of patience - 
Panic attack - or is it my heart? Was my heart damaged during treatment?
What am I supposed to do with what I've learned - adjusting to "this" life - 
            Establishing a "new normal" - how long is change?
            Very consciously determine what will and what won't be a part of your new life. 
            Some things will be the same, but finding meaning may be different. 
Overwhelmed - I can't do/be it all - not even 75% of all!

Depression/Anxiety -
Post Traumatic Stress -
Irritable - 

Social Support
Accepting Responsibility
Escape - Avoid
Planful Problem Solving
Positive Reappraisal

Find a safe place to share fears and distress
Pace life to avoide being overwhelmed
Find a cancer'less identity
Reinforce past adaptive strategies for coping under stress and uncertaintiy
Support from community

Relaxation Techniques
Energy Therapies (Qi Gong; Reiki)

A belief that a positive outcome lies ahead.
Comfort in knowing that others have survived this treatment, this uncertainty, and I can too. 

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