Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Almost There -

So close I can almost taste it, but - the cynic in me refuses to celebrate too early! However - I am now 7/8 of the way finished with chemo (there's lots ahead, including radiation, but I'm learning how to live one day at a time), and I am beyond relieved.

What I do know is this - CHEMOTHERAPY SUCKS - I'll say it over the pulpit if I need to - driving through this leg of my journey has been beyond muddy, stormy, bumpy, and with a filthy dirty map - although the folks giving me directions have been beyond kind. And I do know I still have 3 weeks of chemo traffic to meander through - reminds me of driving the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in stormy weather -

And - if anyone YOU know is going through chemo, put a crown on their head and call them "Beloved." I will forever respect and praise chemo travelers, what a freakin' journey. 

Oh well - good-bye chemo - I'm leaving you soon (to be sung to "Good Bye Old Paint, I'm leaving Cheyenne).

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